If it’s after Labor Day, it’s time for sweaters

In some regions of the country, Labor Day signals the change of seasons – some folks will not wear white after Labor Day, in other areas, it signals the beginning of school. None of those things applies to the San Francisco Bay area – schools have been in session for a couple of weeks, and white can be worn year round, although in the rainy season, that’s probably not such a good idea.

At Casa Del Revknits, we like to think of Labor Day as the changing of the knitting season. Over the summer, it’s been lace and socks and socks and lace, and maybe a cowl because that’s not too hot  on the lap. But with the turning of calendar, I was yearning to knit something more substantial, and now. Now is the time for hats, and of course, sweaters!

I thought by now I would be knitting a sweater for Amy Herzog’s new software system called CustomFit – which is going to blow the minds of sweater knitters everywhere.  I am still a beta tester, but Amy, for excellent reasons, including the loss of her father unexpectedly, had to delay the roll-out, so I’m hoping to begin the sweater process in the next week or so. But if you want to check out what she’s up to – go to CustomFit now, and sign up for the newsletter, or check out the amazing sweaters on Ravelry that earlier beta testers have knit.

No, that sweater was going to have to wait, so instead, I picked up a sweater I had started in the spring – my Dark and Stormy (my Ravelry project page). Thea Colman created this lovely top down cable sweater, and it has many features that I love, including a deep shawl collar, cardigan, cables in the right places and not too many of them. My big hesitation? It’s that it is a top-down raglan sweater, which can be known to not work so well on women with bustlines.

I got to the point of separating the sleeves and had knit down to the waistline when I got indecision about whether to continue – plus the weather turned warm.  Even though I had added short rows for the bustline a la Ysolda Teague, and put in more waist-shaping, and tried it on and found that it fit pretty well, I couldn’t seem to give up the idea that this would be wrong. In this case, imagining perfect sweater becomes the enemy of the good.

Finally, since it was after Labor Day, I decided to pick it back up and keep going. I have now finished the body of the sweater, with kitties doing feline inspection, and then I also looked up other folks’ versions on Ravelry, and decided to cut down on the underarm fabric when I knit the sleeves to reduce the potential for bagginess there. I think this is going to be an excellent decision, and i”m now in cruise mode on the sleeves (one at a time – it’s faster to me, especially with alternating the rounds in two balls with the hand-dyed lovely Miss Babs Yowza! in the rainforest colorway.

Dark and Stormy1eDark and Stormy1d

Of course, it was a high 80s day when I did pick it back up – but it was after Labor Day. That made all the difference.

2 thoughts on “If it’s after Labor Day, it’s time for sweaters

  1. 90 degrees today, here in Pittsburgh. Don’t think I’ll be knitting a sweater today, unless it’s to work on the 12-month children’s sweater I started. Little pieces in this heat. Tomorrow, though will be a different story. Projected high? 60 degrees. What a difference! I won’t just be knitting a sweater, I’ll be wearing one! BTW…white shoes have been put away. Definitely a fashion faux paux in this area.

  2. Sounds hot and changeable where you are. Getting to be sweater weather in the morning, but have to peel it off in the afternoon. Glad to know the white after Labor Day ban lives on!

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