Not Chicken Pox

Last summer around this time, I managed to contract Chicken Pox, which I did not have as a child.  As this time of year rolled around, I did think back to that time, and had a couple of scares.

First, at the education event I teach at each summer, where I might have been exposed to the chicken pox, we had a participant get quite ill, and the doctors in the ER thought that he might have viral meningitis, which, fortunately, tests showed that he did not.  Escaped that one!

Second, as I returned from the event, I was very tired.  I had forgotten my nasal spray that keeps my sinuses more open, but I had all my other meds, so I thought I’d escaped.  But Saturday came, and I was so exhausted that I didn’t go to an important meeting of a board I serve on – I just didn’t have it in me.  Sunday was better, and then I went to a low-key conference Monday through Wednesday, where I felt tired and went to bed earlier than I usually do. Partly I wondered if age was a factor (clue: it was probably part of it!), but then today I woke up with sinus pain and realized – “I have a sinus infection!” Which is lousy news when it’s part of your vacation days, but better when you have Olympic gymnastics to watch online.

So, tonight I’ve got my antibiotics, and other meds, and a couple of days to chill in front of the computer and TV.  On the whole, life is good, and I’ll feel up to par in a couple of days.

In knitting news, I’m now a Ravthlete with these socks:

Checkerboard accent socks
and I’m working on my other project, Florina, which is coming along slowly (novelty yarn is slowing me down) – I hope that I can finish in time to get another Ravellenic games medal.

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