A Pox House Update

Things here at Casa del Pox are pretty boring.  Sleep, take more tylenol or ibuprofen, take benadryl, use cortisone cream. Listen to iPod.  Blood tests confirmed I never had the chicken pox, we are waiting to hear whether what I have is that.  Have you ever wondered by it is called “Chicken” pox?  Turns out it had nothing to do with chickens.

No knitting, I kid you not.  I am really tired and flu-like symptoms.  I did manage a bit of spinning:


2 thoughts on “A Pox House Update

  1. I am so sorry that you’re sick — and especially that you are missing Sock Summit. That is a serious injustice. I’m glad you’re not out a lot of money, but I know you’d rather pay the money and enjoy the summit. Condolences.

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