FO: Verdigris

While on vacation, I finished knitting my first Christmas gift, Verdigris from Summer Knitty:


Yarn is Tactile merino-tencel, and I love the colors. I did the long version for the fun of it! The pattern stitch is beautiful, and I’ll probably use it for a pair of socks sometime. I learned a new tubular cast-on, and was introduced to the wonders of the twisted rib – how I managed to never knit this simple stitch before is beyond me!


5 thoughts on “FO: Verdigris

  1. Beautiful. Don’t you love it when you fine something new – was it the tubular co or the twisted rib?

  2. Actually, both were new to me. I’ve done other versions of the tubular cast-on, but not this one. I can’t believe I have never knit twisted rib before, but I haven’t!

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